Beginner Makeup Set

Beginner Makeup Set

Beginner Makeup Set Trust us, with just this list of items you will get the makeup set you need. Set aside those cosmetics that only take up space in your bag and that you never use, choose only the essentials. Take note!Beginner Makeup Set

1. Moisturizing and brightening cream

The first and most important step before putting on makeup is the care of our skin. Hydrate your skin and after that you can start to give it light with a good illuminating that highlights your features.Beginner Makeup Set

2. Makeup base and concealer

Start covering those imperfections of your face with a good concealer and after that apply a foundation of compact and quality makeup with great duration. And don’t worry!Beginner Makeup Set

3. The importance of our eyebrows

One of the most important features of your face and which we have to emphasize is the care of the eyebrows. We must apply a special makeup for it and leave them flawless thanks to a brush. Let’s get personality on our face thanks to the eyebrows.Beginner Makeup Set

4. Eyeliner and mascara

It is not necessary to use false eyelashes if we know how to get the most out of ours thanks to effective products such as a good mascara that can give us the desired volume and the length we want. We must also choose a good eyeliner to get a unique look.Beginner Makeup Set

5. The importance of lipstick

There is no makeup set that does not have at least one pair of lipsticks. These two tones could be considered as the most classic: nude and red. Which one do you choose?Beginner Makeup Set

6. Brushes and brushes

To apply the makeup correctly we must opt for the most suitable brushes or sponges. They can be the key to achieving a perfect result.Beginner Makeup Set

7. Blusher and highlighter

Give color to your face thanks to a classic blush that is as natural as possible. In addition, you can get a better result if you finally apply an illuminating that further enhances your features and features.Beginner Makeup Set

8. Eye shadow palette

In your kit you can not miss a palette of shadows with a variety of colors with which you can play when creating the best beauty looks.Beginner Makeup Set

Swabs and facial wipes

Even makeup professionals use this type of cotton swabs to correct a mistake when making up. They must become one of your greatest allies, just like wipes. We should not abuse them but on occasion they can help us very quickly.

We should not worry about all the cosmetic options we currently have but those that are essentially necessary. Getting a set of basic makeup is very simple, choose the essential products and take care of the rest. Only with them you can get an incredible beauty look.

We wanted to make things easy for you and make a list of those strictly necessary items that will make any newbie in the world of cosmetics look like a real expert.


First and most important step: caring for your skin. Do not start applying any product if you have not hydrated your face in the best way. Choose a good moisturizer as the first item in your kit.

Must read: The skin is the largest organ in the body

In addition to the makeup base, a good highlighter and a concealer, they will be your best allies in your daily routine.

Tip: add specific tools for the eyebrows, they can be the key to your makeup.

Do not forget the eye makeup: mascara and eyeliner. Nothing else will be necessary, with that you will get an incredible look. Continue choosing a pair of lipsticks, a blush of the most natural, a palette of shadows with different shades and the occasional brush and brush needed and already would be. Easy right? Only with this list of items will you have what it takes to make up.

Just do not forget the importance of removing makeup, it is essential to maintain perfect skin.


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