Best Computer Monitoring Software in 2020 - TheOneSpy Computer App Review

Best Computer Monitoring Software in 2020 – TheOneSpy Computer App Review

Computer devices are the most important technological creatures and its ubiquity is still on the rise over the last decade. Today we have seen new versions and shapes of computing devices running with mac operating systems likewise laptop and desktop mac computers. These machines are highly advanced and full of their unique features. However, PCs running with windows OS are also one of the best laptop and desktop devices of the modern century.

These devices are the best ones for personal and professional purposes. Therefore, plenty of peoples out there are looking forward to finding ways to monitor their devices. So, we have come up with the best computer monitoring software for 2020. Let’s get to know what makes it the greatest among its competitors.

TheOneSpy Computer surveillance app in 2020

It is a perfectly engineered technological tool that empowers you to spy on someone’s computer devices running with the mac and windows OS laptop desktop machines. Moreover, when it comes to its features it is packed with dozens of ones for both windows and mac. The interface of the software for computers is user –friendly.

On the other hand, users can record screen activities, record browsing history, temper controls, block websites, easy to navigate and further very friendly to upload the monitored information to the web control panel. All these features are available for mac and windows laptop and desktop devices and let you do surveillance to the fullest. Let’s get to know how to use it on the target computer devices.

Install TheOneSpy monitoring app for computers on the target computer device

Step1: Subscribe for computer tracking app

The first step to using PC surveillance software is to use your laptop device and connect it with the internet. Moreover, use the web browser and then search spying app for computers. Furthermore, get subscriptions online and get the credentials via email. You can get multiple subscriptions separately for mac and windows devices.

Step2:  Start the installation process

Now all you need to have physical access on the target device and once you have it then start the process of installation and end up with the activation after you have complete installation successfully.

Step3: Activate the web control panel

Use the credentials that you have collected via an email and activate your web control panel. Moreover, get access to the powerful and exclusive features of 2020. You can use it on windows and mac laptop desktop devices and upload the information stored or running on the web.

Computer spy software powerful & unique features for windows & MAC

Computer surveillance app further divided into two products and each one has its powerful features for windows and mac. Let’s get to know about the tools separately.

Windows monitoring app Features 2020

Block websites

You can use it for blocking inappropriate websites running on someone’s windows PC. So, you can copy the URLs of the websites and then past it into the filters of the web portal. Users will not able to access the blocked websites again.

Screenshots on-demand

You can remotely capture screenshots on-demand and then deliver these screenshots to the online dashboard and further get to know about the activities happen on the Windows PC screen.

Screen recorder

The end-user can record the screen of the windows computer in terms of back to back short videos of the screen. Live recorded windows screen videos deliver to the web portal and you can get access to it and get to know what is happening on the PC screen.

MAC monitoring software features 2020  


Remotely control target mac laptop device MIC and record surround sounds and conversations. Remotely listen to the surroundings to the fullest.

Camera Bug

Remotely control the camera of the mac laptop device and get to know who is up to the device.

Screen recording

Record screen activities of mac in terms of short videos and use the web portal to see live recorded videos.


Capture and record password keystrokes, email keystrokes, messenger and messages keystrokes applied on mac laptop desktop device.


TheOneSpy computer monitoring software is the best tool that is packed with powerful tools to set parental control on kid’s PCs and to track employee’s activities on windows and mac computers.


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