Bumrah Exposed His Private Part

Bumrah exposed his private part by wearing a transparent underwear on beach, while having a click with virat kohli. was he trying to convince kohli for a same gender relationship or he wasn’t aware with it? but definitely, it has made a great controversy that how he was unaware while uploading this photo on social media. his response on his current controversial photo will be on air when he returns back on Social media. lets see, what happens!

on the other hand, bumrah is a top class fast bowler in the ICC best bowler’s ranking and he is famous for his ferocious yorkers and some unplayable deliveries with a typical bowling action. he has won for his time many a times by performing a classy bowling. He is still a mystery for many batsmans. but this controversy will definitely put some impact on him and his reaction will definitely show that how he reacts in a typical situation of practical life as well. As per the reports, he is still Silent on this controversial photo….

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