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Caviar, a luxury product to be consumed according to the rules of the art

A noble product and by essence rare, therefore expensive, caviar is consumed to celebrate a great occasion.

It remains to be seen how to buy it and what questions to ask its seller …

Here are some tips to enlighten you.

Buy your caviar on the legal market

As a first step, we recommend that consumers buy their caviar in the legal channel.

Indeed, on auction sites like eBay circulate “fake caviar” made from fish flesh and not sturgeon eggs. T

he risk is to pay dearly for a bad product. But there are reputable online shops like Caspianmonarque w

here anyone can buy caviar London without any worries.

It is therefore better to go to a specialized store, which will advise customers and let customers taste the caviar before they buy it.

And be careful, no metal spoon because the taste of the caviar will change. A horn spoon is ideal.

A question of smell and appearance

The first thing to do is smell the caviar. It should not have a strong fishy smell. We recommend gently moving the

jar and looking at the caviar. It shouldn’t look too runny. Likewise, the eggs should not be hard but on the

contrary full of juice.


Taste before buying


The advantage of buying your caviar in a recognized house is to benefit from quality service. Vendors usually take

the time to explain the differences between caviars and of course have customers taste their wares. Once in the

mouth, the caviar should not “sting”, but rather have “a frank flavor, neither too strong and unpleasant nor too bland”.

Pay attention to conservation

Caviar is a fragile product, once the consumer has chosen and bought it, he must take some precautions. We

recommend in particular to keep it between two and four degrees, at the top of the refrigerator. In order for it to

retain all of its taste properties, it is also best to consume it as quickly as possible, within a month “because

household refrigerators are not made for storage”. Once the jar is open, however, the caviar must be consumed


Serve according to the rules of the art

Caviar should be served in its original box, so it should not be transferred to another container, as this may damage

it. We advise placing the box on crushed ice or creating a small mold of ice to treat the presentation.


Enjoy it naturally


Good Beluga Iranian caviar is eaten with a teaspoon. It is also possible to eat the caviar placed on a toast. In this case, the eggs

should be placed on it, so as not to break the grains. For some people, there is no need to add lemon on it, the

caviar is sufficient on its own.

Serve with vodka

As a drink, we recommend serving vodka or champagne. White wine can go well with the taste of caviar. However,

care must be taken to ensure that it is “particularly flat, not too strong or fruity”. The goal is to achieve an alliance of

tastes. Wine or champagne that is too sweet would risk accentuating the salty taste of the caviar.


The price, a characteristic in its own right

A luxury product par excellence, caviar has a high cost. To taste these little black sturgeon eggs, you have to count,

from 70 to 250 dollars per 30 g, depending on the quality and species of fish. When you can’t afford caviar, rather

than buying a shoddy product, we advise buying eggs from other fish, like trout or salmon.

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