Christmas decoration 2019/2020 - photos and trends

Christmas decoration 2019/2020 – photos and trends

Christmas decoration 2019/2020 – photos and trends,We present the new trends 2019 2020 in Christmas decoration,which are divided between a huge diversity of styles and colors. This allows everyone to find a decorative proposal of our taste and in keeping with the decoration of our spaces.The idea is to enhance the decoration of our spaces and not spoil it.

Christmas decoration

Three key trends define Christmas 2018/2019: Nordic, playful and colorful, opulent, rustic, vintage, among others. Let’s see what each one is about.Christmas decoration




Scandinavian style

A serene style inspired by the northern landscape, which reflects the natural beauty of winter light. The home becomes a refuge against the elements, using artisan techniques combined with modern technology, to create a contemporary and natural environment.

Delicate winter pastel colors contrast with earthy browns and shades of gray. Green conifers, blue sky and eucalyptus add elementary natural tones. Translucent materials, metal and surfaces that give the sensation of freezing are used.

Scandinavian style

Metal ornaments will be used a lot, especially in pale gold, silver and copper.


A joyful approach to the holiday season, mix pop-inspired graphics with fun and children’s games. A Kitsch and vintage influence adds an element of fun to this contemporary Christmas.Playful

Bright shades of turquoise, cherry, canary yellow, tangerine, lime and red are contrasted with black and white. Pastel pink and stone gray soften the palette.

Opulent luxury

A maximalist aesthetic is inspired by the interiors of royalty. Rich and opulent, this luxury style combines velvet surfaces with metallic glitters and heavy ornaments.Opulent luxury

Dark and saturated tones are rich and luxurious, which combine with the tones of precious stones and high-gloss metallic ones. Black, tin and gold add a dramatic contrast.

Rustic Christmas decoration

Rustic decoration is one of the styles that has a greater success today, that is why so that you can get a Christmas decoration according to the style of your spaces, we present some rustic Christmas decoration ideas, which are simple and very effective to achieve this style.

A simple way to get ornaments according to the style, is to cover spheres with fabric of the color or pattern that each one prefers. It is also an extremely economic proposal, since it allows us to prepare it with the most economical ornaments that the market offers us and then line them with pieces of cloth, which in any home can be found.Rustic Christmas decoration

Another proposal of the rustic style that is very effective, simple and economical, is to make old Christmas trees with old paper from magazines or newspapers, which we can then decorate with our favorite elements.

Candles painted or lined with paper in different shades of brown, and arranged in arrangements with pine cones and green twigs, is another option that will effectively give the desired effect in our spaces.

Classic and elegant decoration

Finding a type of modern Christmas decoration is the desire of many of our readers as they make us arrive, hence today we present some of the main trends to achieve it.Classic and elegant decoration

Those who prefer a classic and simple decoration, can bet to include as a main Christmas accent a large decorated tree, for example in one of the corners of the room that you want to decorate. Small, more minimalist touches can be made by including packages wrapped as gifts, in gold paper, on some of the furniture.

Small romantic details such as candles also become ideal in this type of decoration.

Small details such as Christmas ornaments in the latch of the doors of the different rooms of our home as well as other details, help to bring the Christmas spirit to our home without much effort and without recreating ornate atmospheres.

Vintage style decoration

The vintage style is fresh, elegant and exquisite, and has been one of the trends in decoration for several years. That is why this year, surely too many Christmas arrangements will be inspired by this style.

Blue, silver, brown, black and gold; or something lighter like pink. These are colors that you can use freely and creatively. Ancient crowns made with fir branches, and some period furniture, decorated with bells and spheres.

You can add some flowers, candles, flowered centerpieces. It is advisable to use flowers in abundance for decoration, which will give a more elegant touch to the final result.

Use cords to wrap gifts, antique lamps and / or candlesticks will create a remarkable atmosphere. Not to forget the vintage socks for the fireplace. Vintage style decoration

Decoration with branches or fruits

Starting to think about the first purchases for Christmas, more than one is already stressed to imagine more expenses, and that is why from so early we want to share with you, some economic ideas, that allow you to save money, but to set the house of the better way.

We observe how the simple fact of adding a branch of pine, casuarina or other gymnosperm typical of the northern hemisphere, already generates an interesting change, that if the bedding is red and white, it is much better.

The same idea can be applied in the dining room or living room, where with a vase and a few branches, we can make a decorative arrangement, very interesting, ideal for rustic environments.

Everything can be used to decorate; Here we see how in old candle holders, very colorful fruit was placed, while stickers were stuck on an old window. Pots with small pines can make a difference.

In gifts, placing a belt with a small branch of any plant with beautiful leaves, along with small tassels, is a way to make each of the packages more special.

A very common plant in almost all cities in the region, is the Cotoneaster Glaucophyllus, which has red and small berries, ideal to place in a glass jar, with a candle and make a magnificent decoration for the table.Decoration with branches or fruits

Christmas decoration with wicker or rattan

When the holidays arrive, there are those who hardly pay attention to them, or if they do, they do not pay attention to the decorations they could make in their homes, leaving them, the same as at any other time of the year. On the contrary, there are those who not only enjoy the parties very much, but also have a great time planning and carrying out the decoration of the house.

It should also be noted, the fundamental role played by the festivities

dades, when approaching our children, spend an afternoon with them, decorating and teaching them about the meanings of each celebration.

The work in wicker and rattan is fabulous and can be used in the elaboration of various ornaments such as stars, doves, reindeer, sledges, trees, angels and tassels.Christmas decoration with wicker or rattan

Decoration with Christmas spheres

There are many great ideas to apply in the decoration with Christmas spheres. These ornaments are usually easy to obtain and are part of the most emblematic Christmas ornaments, and are also versatile. They can be added to many special details in the Christmas decoration.

They can be placed on the ceiling in a cozy decoration for the dining room as seen in the image above. Decoration with Christmas spheres

And as there are different sizes, they can also be used as details of a Christmas centerpiece that is easy to achieve and that just needs a few elements to become the maximum attraction of the Christmas table. There are many ideas in these images, so that you adapt them to your personal taste and make them the best seasonal decoration in your home.

Using recyclable details like cans or cans that we have left at home after using their content.

Vases and other details that we always have at home and that we can turn into beautiful Christmas details.

The spheres also serve to form flirtatious details like Christmas trees, for which we will use some shapes such as cones that are easy to make or that are bought in craft stores and that using glue the spheres are fixed. You can also make a cute centerpiece using golden or green spheres, as you can see there are many alternatives.

Candles + Christmas spheres, are two simple elements widely used in the decoration of Christmas tables, and this season will not be the exception, since they add an irresistible romantic and fresh touch in the spaces.

Christmas spheres can have different colors, shapes and textures, which offers a huge amount of decoration possibilities.

Wood stove decoration

Decorating the fireplace on the stove has already become a Christmas classic, so today we present some ideas that can inspire you. As you can see, there is a wide variety of options to decorate the fireplace in an original way, which although they go through very varied styles, almost all of them are ideal for transmitting the Christmas spirit to the spaces, since they incorporate variants of very representative Christmas elements.

For this, those who prefer a more natural style can opt for crowns with pine and pineapple twigs, since they are two elements that have become representative of what Christmas decoration is. They can be combined with candles, an option that is very appropriate for those looking for a more romantic decoration.Wood stove decoration

The colors as in everything, occupy an important place, which also because they have a meaning that differentiates them, can be used distinctively according to the meaning that Christmas occupies in each one. Taking advantage that at present, all colors can be perfectly used in a Christmas decoration.

  • Another fun idea that does not lose a bit of popularity is to hang socks in the fireplace, which give the spaces a funnier look.
  • As you may have seen the options to impregnate the stove of Christmas charm are many and varied.

Christmas decoration for small houses

The celebration of a new Christmas is near, which makes our Christmas spirit gradually begin to wake up, and think of devising new ways to bring that spirit to our spaces. Therefore, in order to help you in this mission, we present several ideas for Christmas decoration for small houses.

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The socks are a classic Christmas decoration, and continue to be an easy and effective way to give life to the spaces, and more if you do not have too much space, since they occupy a minimum space.

The kitchens are usually one of the parts that we frequently decorate, and it is also common to have kitchens of not very large size, so it has seemed a good idea to present the following decoration, since it adds style without subtracting space.

  • A tray adorned with thematic elements can be an excellent way to transmit the spirit to your spaces through the adornment of your tables.
  • Placing all the postcards received on a veneered wood, an old window or door, can completely change the image of a room.
  • The classic Christmas trees decorated according to our taste and the style of our spaces, is the safe option for those who do not seek a very elaborate decoration. In addition, the wide diversity of sizes offered by the current market allows us to find them in sizes adjustable to our spaces even smaller.

Christmas decoration for small houses

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