Citizens could not sacrifice on the second day of Eid

Citizens of occupied Kashmir continued to lose their sacrifices on the second day of Eid due to constant
curfew and lack of permission.
Curfew is also in force for the ninth consecutive day in occupied Kashmir, blackout of communication
system is in progress, internet and mobile service is off.
Kashmiris are in severe trouble with this brutal move by the Indian-occupied government; they have
neither been allowed nor offered the Eid prayer on the last day.
The same situation was faced by the occupied Kashmiris even today and they could not perform the
duty of sacrifice on the second day of Eid ul Adha.
Houses in the occupied valley have suffered from shortages of food, medicines have disappeared, while

sickness has made it impossible to reach hospitals.

It should be noted that the overwhelming increase in Indian oppression in occupied Kashmir this year,
the majority of Kashmiri Muslims not only missed Eid prayers but also failed to pay the religious duty of
Banks are also closed due to the complete lockdown of occupied Kashmir and the money has been
depleted in ATMs so that the citizens of Srinagar could not withdraw money from any ATM despite
taking a risk.
Animal traders, like buyers, have to worry about who to sell the sacrificial animal to.
According to a member of the Kashmir Chamber of Commerce, traders are losing Rs 175 crore daily due
to severe restrictions in the occupied valley.
Due to stringent sanctions, occupants of Kashmir have suffered a loss of Rs 1,000 crore in just one week.

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