Corona virus latest news

Corona virus latest news

Certified Corona virus victims worldwide today news have risen to over 91,000, while the death toll has risen to over 27,000.The number of people recovering from the disease is around one hundred and thirty thousand.

1.What’s the latest situation in Europe?

Here’s an overview of the current status of the Corona virus outbreak in European countries:

Europe has more than 3 million certified victims of the Corona virus, according to AFP
Italy has the highest number of 969 deaths in 24 hours in the last 24 hours. Italy president urges other European countries to take new and stringent measures to prevent virus

Corona virus latest news
In the last 24 hours, there have been 299 new deaths in France, after which the total number of deaths in the country has increased to 1995. France has announced a further increase in the lockdown period in the government. Lockdown period has been extended to April 15

Friday evening at the famous Eiffel Tower in France to highlight the services of medical staff.

2.Italy: Progress towards improvement is ‘slow and uneven’

Every new day is bringing a new struggle message to the citizens of Italy. Italy has become a country that is losing its citizens with the passing of a small village every passing day.

During the past 24 hours, 541 people lost their lives in Lombardy, Italy, at the epidemic. Such a large number of casualties are terrifying.

There is currently no ray of hope.

Italy has been in full lockdown for the past two weeks and the progress towards improvement has been slow and uneven. Frightening news is constantly coming out. Since the outbreak in Italy, 46 doctors have been killed since the outbreak.

Italy’s National Health Council says one thing is clear that measures taken to control the outbreak may have to be lengthened for the next several months.

Italy’s economy is in dire straits due to Corona, and such news will cause more anxiety not only in Italy but worldwide.

For the world, many countries in the world see and follow the urban sanctions imposed by the authorities in Italy.

Italy is one or two weeks ahead of the rest of Europe in the outbreak, its effects and lockdown. Therefore, whatever happens here, European countries will keep a close eye on it.

3.Have New York actually done more Corona tests than South Korea?

Speaking at a daily press conference on Friday, US state Governor Andrew Como claimed that his state had more coronary tests than South Korea. This claim is not valid. According to the latest data, a total of 138,376 people have been tested in New York so far, out of every 140 people living in the state.

4.Best wishes to Boris Johnson, Head of the World

Heads of other countries, including US President Donald Trump, have expressed their best wishes for British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

  • The US President contacted Boris Johnson over the phone and inquired about his well-being.
  • Remember that the British Prime Minister’s Corona virus test came out positive on Friday.
  • According to the White House, Trump hoped for Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s early recovery.

Meanwhile, a statement issued by 10 Downing Street said that the two leaders had worked together and with the help of the G7, G20 and other global allies, had reaffirmed the global outbreak of the Corona virus.

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