Coronavirus news update

Coronavirus deaths exceeded 35,000 worldwide, more than 1273 people lost their lives today, the number of patients in the United States increased by one million 44 thousand and more than 7 million 41 thousand worldwide, in hospitals About 500,000 patients are under treatment, out of which 28,500 victims are in critical condition, Italy is second with more than 97,000 patients.

According to , a website that records the Coronavirus patients and deaths, the number of people infected with the most deadly disease from the Chinese city of Wuhan has risen to 7.71 million, up to one million so far. More than 56,000 patients have recovered while more than 5,49,000 victims are still being treated in hospitals. More than half the 28,000 patients are in critical condition, 95.2 people are affected and 4.5 deaths in every one million worldwide. Are happening. you can also be checked that7techreview.comĀ  for the latest tech and gadgets reviews.

The death toll from the Corona virus worldwide is increasing daily, with 1273 deaths recorded on Monday (March 30, 2020); deaths are rising steadily in Europe, where nearly a thousand people are killed today. More than 10,000 new cases have been reported.

According to Pakistani times, today (till 8 pm) 537 in Spain, 187 in the UK, 18 in the US, 117 in Iran, the Netherlands 93, Belgium 83, Switzerland 33, Austria 22, Portugal 21, Sweden 36 and Germany 19 Patients are dead.

Meanwhile, 812 more victims of the Corona virus lost their lives in Italy. Thus, the global death toll in Italy so far has brought the total death toll to 11,591. It should be noted that Italy has the highest number of fatalities reported so far compared to other countries, and that number is more than one-third of the total deaths worldwide.

The first fatality was reported in the Chinese city of Wuhan on January 22 this year, since then the disease has spread in almost 200 countries worldwide, the highest in Italy so far 10 thousand 779, Spain 7 thousand 340, China Of the 3034 deaths reported in Iran, 2757 in France, 2606 in France and 2600 in the United States, 143 have been killed in the UK, 1415, the Netherlands 864, Belgium 513, Switzerland and 333.

The situation is improving day by day in China, where only 4 deaths and 31 new cases have been reported today; on Monday in Indonesia 8, Philippines 7, South Korea, Pakistan 6, Norway, Denmark 5 5, Brazil, Poland, Mexico Four 4, Dominican Republic, Serbia, Morocco, Romania, San Marino, Bolivia III 3, Niger, Taiwan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Hungary, United Arab Emirates, Argentina, India, Greece, Finland, Thailand and Malaysia 2, One Corona virus in Sudan, Saint Martin, Mali, Sri Lanka, Albania, Jordan, northern Macedonia, Lebanon, Ukraine, Roche, Luxembourg, Chile, Chechnya and Israel The patient died.

The number of people infected with the Corona virus in Pakistan has exceeded 1650, so far 20 people have lost their lives here, 50 patients have recovered. There are still thousands of suspected patients at Quarantina and Isolation Centers across the country, most of them visitors from Iran.

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