Crucial Steps To Prepare Your Vehicle For Auto Detailing

Crucial Steps To Prepare Your Vehicle For Auto Detailing

Owning a vehicle is a major responsibility. You must always ensure that you will keep the car in its pristine condition to retain its value. One of the steps that you can do to maintain the car’s aesthetic appeal is to bring it regularly to a local car detailing shop for thorough cleaning.

Experts from Jim’s Car Detailing, a one-stop car grooming shop in New Zealand, expressed the importance of having a clean car all the time. They shared that taking the car to an auto detailing shop for thorough cleaning can help in keeping its shine and sheen. It can also help get rid of the tar and bugs accumulated over the years. Also, car detailing can remove any contaminants on the vehicle’s paintwork, which means it will look like new for years to come.

If you are planning to take your car to your trusted auto detailing shop, you need to prepare the vehicle using these tips to get the best results.

Rinsing The Vehicle 

The first step that you need to do to prepare the car for auto detailing is to rinse it properly. It is necessary to get rid of all grimes and loose dirt as well as clean the wheels from visible filth.

This preparation step is crucial to help the experts avoid scrubbing the car rigorously. If you do this, the car’s exterior paint will remain in its best condition.

Vehicle For Auto Detailing

Washing The Vehicle

After rinsing the car, you must also wash it before taking it to an auto detailing shop. This step is crucial to make sure that the car is clean before you bring it to the experts for more detailed cleaning treatments.

You need to learn the right way to clean a vehicle. It is also essential to prepare the necessary tools for cleaning the car, such as water buckets, car soaps and cleaners, and microfibre sponges.

Drying The Vehicle

Once you have accomplished rinsing and washing the car, you must dry it properly before you send it to the professional auto detailing experts. You must begin by lightly wiping the water on the car’s exteriors from the top then work your way towards the lower parts of the car.

You may also choose among the two drying methods to completely dry out the vehicle. The first one is called pulling, which requires you to put a layer of cloth over a small section of the car then pull it smoothly by the corners. The cloth will absorb the water as you pull it off.

The other method is called patting, which uses folded cloth to lightly pat the body of the vehicle to take away the water. Both methods are effective in removing the excess water to avoid forming water spots on the paint of the vehicle.

Additional Car Detailing Preparation Tips

Aside from doing the three major steps when preparing the car for auto detailing, you must also follow several tricks to ensure that the professionals will be able to do a good detailing job. First, you must park the car away from the direct heat of the sun. It will prevent damaging the paintwork during the detailing process.

It is also necessary to use clean microfibre cloth when cleaning and drying the car. Once it gets soiled, you must replace it right away since dirt and grime might scratch your car’s paint. You also need to tell the auto detailer if there are any minor scratches and nicks in your car. According to Jim’s Car Detailing team, auto detailing can help fix minor defects by using ceramic coating paint.

Keeping your car looking shiny and new all the time is possible if you will invest in auto detailing services regularly. This service can guarantee that your car will always maintain its value, especially if you have plans to sell it in the future.


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