Ertugrul Ghazi

Ertugrul Ghazi Biography (1195-1281)

Ertugrul Ghazi was the most active and brave young boy among his tribe, loved by every person in the tribe, but haters were also there making several plans against him, but he never gave up. He married Halima Khatun, daughter of Seljuk prince GiasUdin Masood Sani.

One day Kayi tribe was migrating towards Syria, and then one incident changed everything. Suleiman Shah drowned in the river of Euphrates and died.

There were several conspiracies against Suleiman Shah for the leadership of Kayi trib. Still, when he died, Kayi tribe divided, his elder Sons Gundogdo and Sungertekin Bey fled towards Ahlat along with their families and many companions,

The remaining group accepted Ertugrul as a leader of Kayi due to his bravery and velour person. Then they went under the shadow of the Seljuk dynasty, which was under the leadership of Sultan Alauddin.

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One day when Ertugrul was traveling towards Konia with his 430 companions, he saw that there was a deadly battle going on, he looked both armies, one was having a way towards a great victory whereas another army was moving towards defeat. Ertugrul decided to help the losing side, and with just 430 companions, he attacked the mighty military of that scene, and the attack was with full power that winning army just lost the battle badly.

The army they helped later it came out that it was an Army of Sultan Alauddin, then Sultan was very much inspired and gifted Kayi tribe Angola (Ankara), which was a mountainous land. Many historians believed that the area was gifted by Sultan to protect himself from the crusaders as Angola was sharing the border with crusaders having a chance of attack from that side.

Ertugrul Ghazi

Sultan gave a free hand to Ertugrul to increase the land by defeating the crusaders, and that’s what Ertugrul Ghazi did at that time. Sultan Alauddin praised Ertugrul in the way that he made Ertugrul his Commander and gifted him Soghut city as well.

Many people asked Sultan to be careful as Ertugrul was conquering every land. He could hold Seljuk’s area as well before Sultan could make any decision his own under command started resisting and made their small dynasties.

In addition to revolutions, Mongols were also attacking the Seljuk’s land and succeed in conquering various parts of Seljuks dynasty, Byzantines also retrieved their intimated property. The borders were always under war threats.

Under these circumstances, Ertugrul was the only hope for Sultan as he cherished more and more lands to Ertugrul Ghazi.

The biggest ever achievement Ertugrul had when Ertugrul fought as Sultan’s second in Command in defense of Yanni city against Barossa who’d got the alliance of Mongols and Byzantines, Ertugrul succeeded.

Sultan gave him Yanni city other small surrounded villages, and Ertugrul got another increment in his land. His territory was named “Sultanooni,” yet it was the most significant achievement for Ertugrul and Kayi tribe.

It’s not the only victory that Ertugrul achieved from his bravery, there is a list, full of his achievements in history, but we can’t discuss all of them.
Ertugrul Ghazi died in 1281 A.D and resting in Oghut city.

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