Gold price today in Pakistan

Gold price today in Pakistan

Gold price today  in Pakistan domestic and global markets once again increased, to Rs 87400 per gold in the local market and $ 1505 per ounce in the global market.

According to the Karachi Exchange and Jewelers Association, on Thursday, gold per rupee increased by Rs 1000 to Rs 87,400 and 10 grams of gold by Rs 857 to Rs 74,931.

In the previous days, the price of gold had fallen by Rs 1,400 per towel and by Rs 1500 during two days.

In August this year, the price of gold broke all the history records, gold topped the highest level of Rs 90,000 per tola, which has since continued to fluctuate in prices.


According to the KSJA, gold in the global market went up by $ 185 to $ 1505 an ounce, while international markets rose by $ 37 in two days.

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Silver is being sold at Rs 1050 per 10 grams nationwide while 10 grams is being sold at Rs 900 for the global market.

After the general election in Pakistan last year, the price of gold per rupee was Rs 54,550, the price of gold has increased by around Rs.

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