GTA online

How to play GTA Online, the multiplayer of GTA V

I was going to start this text by saying that I have returned to GTA Online, the multiplayer mode of GTA V, after I don’t know how long, but I think I have never really left at all.

I don’t play assiduously, but I also haven’t completely abandoned the game. Every few months I give up to go see what is cooking. And the truth is that it has become something truly gigantic.

When I say that “every few months I start to see what is going on” means that every time I enter, I find myself more lost than an octopus in a garage.

Rockstar has a healthy habit of releasing free content for GTA Online regularly, so you spend a few weeks or months without showing up hallucinating. Either you come in almost daily or you end up being run over like a garbage truck.

And it always destroys me.

GTA online

GTA Online: you don’t finish it. Really

The thing is, GTA Online has been running for almost seven years. Imagine the amount of madness that Rockstar has had the opportunity to add throughout all this time. Yesterday, for example, I decided to go with my car to a point on the map that promised crazy stunt races.

The truth is that I do not know since when they are active, but for whatever reason I have never entered until now (I am usually pretty bad behind the wheel in games).

And well, I saw myself doing 17 laps (17 !!) on a circuit in the form of eight with a couple of crazy jumps in the center in which, when there are already leading players, it is possible that two cars could stick it in the air. And they stick it. Checked.

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Not to mention the players who decide to stand behind a sharp curve so you can eat them with potatoes, or those who decide to go in the opposite direction at full speed to destroy the car to others. It doesn’t matter much either,

The truth: I had a good time for the simple fact of being the goat without the pressure of having to be in the top three because only in this way are other cars, tests or circuits unlocked, as happens in driving video games.

GTA online

After finishing this race, I decided to continue with the same group of strangers, some of them very fond of using the microphone to sing or to let strange noises sneak in instead of talking kindly with the rest.

I cursed the lack of an option that would allow me to silence them all at once when three or four children appeared (due to their angelic/hellish screams, they must not have been more than 9 or 10 years old) who began to scream nonsensically. The same option exists and I had no nose to find it, that’s how lost I go most of the time in GTA Online.

The thing is that this second race, which took place on a bland oval circuit, turned out to be a real bore. Luckily, it only took 14 long laps (14 !!). And after being in the top 29 (of 29), I left there as a soul that carries the devil. Time to try other things away from the flyers.

Having a smartphone in GTA Online is worse than in real life (unless you are in WhatsApp groups of parents)

Notifications don’t stop coming: It is amazing. The mobile phone that the character carries on fumes all the time.

You can not take two steps without emails with promotions of all kinds (buy this cacophony, get this hangar to have your fleet of light aircraft, etc.) or messages with all kinds of missions. I think they can be disabled, but I also don’t want to waste the time I spend in-game configuring the thousands of options it offers. Except for a couple of things, I think I have everything by default and of course, it is the maximum madness.

Yesterday, without going any further, as soon as we entered, an event occurred in which we had to run like crazy with the car in search of the highest speed peak. I said to myself “ok, I’m stepping on the accelerator that I have a track ahead and few cars bothering”.

After five seconds the event ended. The mobile began to ring with the first notifications in the afternoon and the screen was full of messages. Another nice day in GTA Online.

But if there is one thing that amazes me about GTA Online is how slow it is loading each activity and the pieces of jerks it hits from time to time. I play it on PS4, I do not know if on PC things will be a little better.

It is likely that in 2014 all this more or less unfortunate performance in some moments of the game was acceptable. Now, in the middle of 2020 and with purely online games that work like silk, I’m going crazy. I think if I do not enter more often it is partly because of this: everything takes a long time to load, there are many jerks, the cars disappear and appear later as if by magic, etc., etc. Not to mention how slow the character itself is. It seems that you are controlling a whale instead of a human being, hulio.

And although after so long Rock star remains focused on putting more and more free content (well !!) and not on improving the experience for the quality of life, performance, etc. (At this point we can already forget, of course), each new game in GTA Online ends up absorbing me. There are so many things to do and so many levels to go up that it seems like an infinite game. GTA V continues to sell like churros at a breakneck pace, which means, I say, that the online mode is far from empty in the short term.

GTA online

Playing GTA V in 2020 is rare

It’s cool, but it’s weird. First because of what I said before: you can tell that he has a good handful of years on him, and second because how everything is presented is very different from what we can see in most current online games. From the use of the mobile that the character carries to the menus themselves and how we must manage our participation in the various activities.

I don’t know if you are going to believe it, but after all this time I still haven’t carried out any of the hits that Rockstar put in GTA Online in 2015. Not the one in 2017. I loved the ones in the story mode, so the possibility of carrying out more blows, but this time in cooperative freaks me out. And I haven’t had a chance. I think there are quite a few activities that I have never done before. Not to mention that, within each type of activity, there are different modalities, scenarios, rules, etc. To turn crazy.

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