History of Pakistan

On June 3, 1947, when the last Viceroy of India and Governor-General Lord Mountbatten announced the independence of Pakistan and India, no one knew before the announcement that Ramadan would be the 27th anniversary on August 14, 1947. On the day that the Holy Quran was revealed to Prophet Muhammad and this great book of Allah was completed, when the Lord Mountbatten declared history, the Hindu astrologers and astrologers immediately made olives based on that history, then all over India. I was shocked that if India was liberated that day, its future would be very dark and tragic, so its free. Let the history be changed when there is no better date for the Muslims than the 27th of Zamazan. Thus, the Muslims stumbled upon the history that Lord Mountbatten had earlier declared, the partition of India and the independence of Pakistan on that day. Yes, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, on the other hand, requested Lord Mountbatten on behalf of the Hindus to change the history of India’s independence one day ahead. The history of Pakistan’s independence was fixed on August 14 and the date of India’s independence was August 15. In fact, Pakistan really came into being as a new country.

  • Until the British era, there were 540 small states in India. According to the index, some states had their own currency, then according to the Law of 1935, with the Central Government of India at that time, the provinces and Baluchistan remained. There were some areas where, under special laws, those areas were governed by the Agent to the Governor through special rules enshrined by the Central Government, and above all, the British were the most abused in India. Adopt the principle of “divide and rule”.

Locally, Hindus had been living under the rule of the Muslims for centuries before the arrival of the British, so after the arrival of the British, they began to see that with their support and happiness, not only the assets, property and property of the Muslims. He will take over the position, but after the British leave India, he will become the owner of the whole of India. Allama Iqbal had felt this whole situation with the world’s leading intellectuals before 1930. Unlike the incoming leadership, the prime minister was extraordinarily anxious and determined. Those who liberated half of Kashmir through the war, and if Quaid-e-Azam had not been ill, they would have waited at least a year for the UN to come to power on the UN vote, and then the decision would be by force. The special constitutional status of Occupied Kashmir has also been abolished today due to wrong policies and incompetence of the latter.

India made every effort to thwart this new Islamic state after independence. During the independence, the Red Cliff Award donations added to the Muslim majority areas of Gurdaspur, Ferozepur and Zia districts in East Punjab. Immediately after independence, the Pakistani canal stopped and tried to make Pakistani areas barren.

In the Central Bank of India, there were four billion rupees, of which Pakistan’s share was one billion rupees, which was withheld and then barely paid 20 million rupees, used ill-advised and delayed tactics in the distribution of military equipment. Significantly, this Pakistan was a new country, when India was partitioned, its capital was Delhi and the headquarters record of all the central departments, and institutions was in all the Indian regions, where at the time of independence, about 1.5 million Hindus and Sikhs migrated to India. And 65 million Muslims from India came to Pakistan in comparison, but because of government jobs and There were a large number of Hindus in the higher levels or in the administration, so there were many difficulties, especially from today’s Pakistan, due to the departure of these Hindu government officers and experienced employees from India and there was no record of these institutions and departments in Pakistan. ۔

For example, if the railway department were to take over, 90% of the officers besides station masters, guards, drivers, and other technical employees were Hindus who had gone to India. Railway engine bogies, wagons were present in Pakistan, but their record was in Central India, and locals who had this information were with the Hindus who had migrated to India on the basis of Liaquat Ali Khan’s Prime Minister, Indian Prime Minister Jawahar. Lal Canal Waco said that arrangements should be made to send all the departmental records related to the Pakistani territory safely and immediately to Pakistan and the Prime Minister appealed to the experienced Muslim government officers and employees of India to come to Pakistan at this critical time in this new Islamic country. Take part in the immediate construction of Nehru’s response And, by a special train, a record of the departments and institutions related to the Pakistani areas and the Muslim educated, experienced officers and employees who called on the appeal of Quaid-e-Azam, boarded the train from Delhi to Lahore. And then, under the conspiracy, the train was attacked by Hindus and Sikhs in East Punjab, killing all the well-educated Muslim government officials and personnel and the whole train was set on fire with a record.

But it is a great fact that at that time, although the country was new, the new headquarters of each department were created here, collecting all the information and setting the record. The total volume of Pakistan’s first national budget fiscal year 1948-49 was 89 million 57 million, with a deficit of Rs. It was 100 million,


But then the budget for the second financial year 1949-50 was a savings budget instead of a deficit of Rs.1 trillion and a savings of Rs. 6 lakhs and this trend of national budgeting excluding medicinal budgets for the fiscal year 1972-73. Continued.

May 28, 1998

In the 1990s, as a nation we started to weaken, however, May 28, 1998, was a historic day when we made Pakistan a nuclear bomb against India and made Pakistan the seventh nuclear power in the world, and by the grace of Allah. The only reason we have security is the nuclear weapons. But on the other hand, we were attacked by internal and external enemies from some other point, and in these attacks we, as a nation, suffered periodic losses. The main reasons for this were that our upper class did not have pain and understanding. There was also a lack of intellectualism, so today the situation reached that the total budget of the national budget for the financial year 2019-20 is 70 trillion 36 billion 30 million and the budget deficit is Rs 3136 billion. Today the value of the dollar is Rs 160, which is external debt 1955. In 2015, there were only $ 12 million, which reached $ 95 billion by 2018. And then $ 8 billion has been paid to pay off these old debt payments and interest; this payment is also borrowed, along with internal debt that is not due until the fiscal year 1972-73. Their total volume reached Rs 30,000 billion by 2018 and has increased only this year after that.

Pakistan Citizens Act

The first census of Pakistan took place in 1951, when the Pakistan Citizens Act was enforced and the flow of immigrants from India was stopped, the population of Pakistan at that time was 3 million 40 million and today the population is 22 million according to the 2017 census. Literacy rate was 16% in 1951. Thus the number of illiterate people in the total population was about 54 million. Today, the literacy rate in the country is estimated at 58%. The total number of illiterate people in this country is 9 million. The time was not equal to the number of drug addicts today the number of drug addicts in the country has exceeded 95 million and 90% The number of young.

Member of United Nation

We have to say with regret that our country is one of the top 20 nations in the world, with power makers and resources, but we have almost as many positives in the 193 member states of the United Nations. Are below 100 in the world.

Here, the bitter truth seems very clear that before 1947 we were a nation, rather a strong nation, under a two-nation ideology that strengthened a new country economically, economically, defensively and militarily in just one year. But today the country is but we as a nation scattered and then after the Cold War in 1990 when countries around the world were preparing themselves for a new scenario in the world we unfortunately have the worst corruption, prejudice, Sectarians were desirous of a legacy, but one good thing is that once again the spirit of patriotism has woken up in the Pakistani nation with great force and this passion has stirred up among the youth.


  • So let’s look at the history of Pakistan. So today, when we are celebrating the 72nd anniversary of Pakistan and independence, we can divide this 72-year history into three races or back and three periods before the generation that was born in the Indian state of English rule. But the struggle against his opposition has moved the movement and spirit of independence and gained Pakistan, among them the most prominent and prominent names are Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, Allama Muhammad Iqbal and Shaheed-e-Millat Liaquat Ali Khan. A list of names that dates back to 1990, some of the leaders ruled differently, some called democrats and others The dictator but many of them made many mistakes and some were fatal errors.

Some have even been accused of some kind of corruption, but the leadership that came to power since 1990 has been virtually incapable of all. In just 29 years, Pakistan as a country and the Pakistani nation as a nation have given us the second or middle age of 72 years of history. Leadership, rather than the majority of important people from all walks of life, suffered severe damage. This second generation, born in the fifties after Pakistan, and now the people who are living in them, from 60 to 72 years of age, have been oppressed by the majority, that our cultural moral values But in spite of such bad conditions, the young generation has now come forward with a new spirit.

When the line was approaching on August 4, I came back after attending a youth Independence Day event, and the feelings of those young people were feeling like the first of our freedom. The pure spirits of leadership, the bodies of these young people have been solved, and this is indeed true.

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