How many planets are there like the earth in the universe

Maybe a gunman reported it, how many hairs you have in your head but it’s less and less impossible to tell. How many stars are there in each say? How many stars are there in the sun? And is it the sun? Everything we know about it is nothing but the most careful way.

First of all, a team of astronomers came to Pennsylvania State University, and before it was located and the features of its main stars were simulated, the computer had the help of simulations. On average, at least one planet rotates as a star’s rotating Earth. However, this “probable number” from a single planet on Earth could be as much as 33 suns.

There is a need for a “Earth-like planet” here.

When there was a ‘planet like earth’ in astronomy, it meant no one but there was no other planet to reach more than three-fourths (75%) and a half times (150%). Completes a circle from the 237 ground events around the main star (the sun) to the 500 ground moment.

So far, 4,031 planets have been discovered circling around other parties, including nearly 40 years from Earth’s orbit. In this way, space exploration may be in the works over the next few years, which is going to explore Earth like a planet in cosmological studies.

If it is only a matter of style, then it is revealed in the universe that the total number can be around 2000 billion (2 trillion). The Sun has about 100 billion stars possible in each revelation. That is, the total number of planets in the universe can be as little as 6000 billion (6 trillion).

Will she come to life like the earth now? And then life is evolving into a form of intelligence and value for inventions and innovations? We have no answer to these questions and we are not even answering those questions.

Note: This research talk was published in the latest issue of "The Astronomical Journal".

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