India's Moon Mission Fails

India’s Moon Mission Fails

India’s Moon Mission Fails,US space agency ‘NASA’ reacts after India’s moon mission fails
Space is a difficult place, we appreciate India’s effort, we can work together in the future:NASA

NASA’s response to the US space agency has come as India’s moon mission failed. NASA said in its Twitter message that “Space is a difficult place, we appreciate India’s attempt to visit the Moon’s South Pool, you have impressed us with our journey and together we will look into this future. Can work on ”  India's Moon Mission Fails

On Friday, Indian experts lost contact with Vikram, a robotic spacecraft trying to land on the moon. According to Indian media, the plan to reach the moon was going in the right direction when the control panel of the spacecraft was disconnected at the time of landing and just 2 km away from the surface of the moon and the Indian Prime Minister sitting there. Narendra Modi woke up in a world of despair.

India’s loss to Chandra Yan Too missions cost India more than Rs 900 crore. In this regard, the director of the Indian Space Mission said, “Everything was going well. Suddenly the direction of the spacecraft changed.” The data received so far are being analyzed. The US, Russia and China space missions have made successful landing on the moon.

Now the US space agency ‘NASA’ praised India’s effort. On the other hand, India is also being taken in the hands of this failure. DGISPR Major General Asif Ghafoor has said on the failure of India’s moon mission that the loss of contact with Chandrayan caused India to lose 900 billion but disconnecting in occupied Kashmir would do more harm and this loss. It won’t just be financial.

Federal Minister for Science and Technology Fawad Chaudhry has said on the failure of India’s moon mission that occupied Kashmir will be another Chandrayan of India which will cost several times more. He said that as India’s Chandrayan mission failed, so would India’s failure in the case of occupied Kashmir and it would have done more harm to India. India's Moon Mission Fails

Fawad Chaudhry same, “I am stunned at the response of the Indians World Health Organization have damned American state for the failure of this mission.”

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