Kashmiris waiting to be turned into corpses

Over the years, India violated the Line of Control 70 times.

  • What have we done?

Reaction, counter-firing and rhetoric bus. The government and the foreign minister are unhappy with calling the Security Council an emergency meeting on Kashmir after 50 years. Drumming on its diplomatic success.

  • What has made India such a success in the past?

Only one country will veto and save India’s retreat.Modi’s entire program is to attack Azad Kashmir. War on the war front. There will be clashes between Pak-India forces, a few airstrikes. Obviously the international community will come in motion, hold a ceasefire, occupied by this conflict. The story of Kashmir will be forgotten. Our leadership wants to do the same, because by defending Azad Kashmir, it wants to hide the bargaining of occupied Kashmir. Hundreds and military leadership have no desire for the capture of occupied Kashmir.

Imran Khan And Modi Government

Imran Khan and the military leadership agree that war is not the solution to the problems. But Modi has occupied Kashmir by force. Therefore, it can be withdrawn only by force. Our statement “Belongs to the state of Madinah”, but the movements are cowardly and treacherous. But the Karni of the Ummah who had three hundred Mujahideen and came to fight against the whole of Arabia. He had modern weapons and No trained army.


It was better then at the time of liberation, when we had neither atom bomb nor demolition army, no modern weapons, but one year Jihad resulted in the liberation of 38% of Kashmir. Today, the army is going to Pakistan despite the latest weapons, experience, best fighter forces from atomic bombs. We trust the international community, hope on UN resolutions, and rely on UN Security Council meetings. We gave up our rivers, cut off Siachen and half the country, now lost Kashmir too. Jihad is part of our faith, which we do not trust.

  • The first goal is the destruction of the Muslim Ummah

What will the rulers say if we lose the war? Jihad is not for victory or defeat, but for obedience to Allah Almighty. But we have to obey those who killed and destroyed humanity. Combat Arms is placed vendor whose business is being preferred these people who want to destroy centuries of Muslim.The first goal is the destruction of the Muslim Ummah.

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