Modi Government Plans to deport Indian Muslims As Refugees

Thousands of Kashmirs detained in occupied Kashmir are being transported to different Indian concentration centers by military aircraft.

Indian extremists patrolling the land under Muslims under the patronage of Modi government in India Including former Muslim personnel.

 New York Times

According to the New York Times  Muslims in India are frightened by these fascist actions of the Modi government. Captured, Muslims began to commit suicide in fear of separation from their families. The report said that Modi’s opponents are being arrested in Assam while Modi is also going to introduce a bill against the conversion of the state government. The merger has been made solely to be a Muslim majority.
On the other hand, the French Broadcasting Agency has revealed that the occupied Indian army has arrested 4,000 Kashmirs in two weeks in occupied Kashmir. Most Kashmirs are imprisoned outside the occupied valley. It has been reported that two weeks ago when India took over the Valley’s sovereignty, India has been in constant fear that unrest in Kashmir will not be created.
Kashmirs have been arrested under the Public Safety Act, a controversial law that allows Kashmirs to be imprisoned for up to two years without charge and trial. On the other hand, Indian authorities are constantly denying how many Kashmirs have been arrested, in contrast, in the first few days more than 100 local politicians, human rights activists and educationists were arrested. ” Government officials including police and security personnel in Srinagar have also confirmed the indiscriminate arrest of numerous Kashmirs.
According to the report, 6,000 arrested Kashmirs have been given medical examination at various places in Srinagar. The arrested were kept in Srinagar Jail after being taken out of Kashmir by military aircraft. It has also been reported that many Kashmirs have been detained at police stations, which is different from the four thousand Kashmirs.


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