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MOGA Pivot app detects the MOGA-enhanced games you already have installedYou’ll need a MOGA mobile gaming controller to game with the MOGA Pivot appFirst-person shooters, RPGs, action games, puzzles, sports? We do this .

Because the best mobile gaming solution for Android smartphones and tablets, try MOGA today to experience true precision control – and Game On. Anywhere.


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MOGA Pivot 1.25 Update


  • Fixed Android 6 connection issues.
  • Fixed missing games, categories and thumbnails within the Games listing.
  • Fixed torn links to Google Play Store in Games listings.

What a Moga is, the way to set it up, and more.

What is a Moga?

A Moga may be a wireless controller which will be used with most any android device. There are a plethora of games that support this controller, which number is growing by the day.In order to line up your Moga together with your device you’ll need: An android phone or tablet, a Moga controller, and therefore the Moga pivot app

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Open the Moga pivot App

You should be prompted to pair a controller the primary tie you open it. If not, attend the Add/Manage controllers tab within the settings.

Select your Moga model.

You should be asked whether you would like to line up mode a or mode a & b.

Mode A
Switch your Moga to mode A and tap Moga is prepared . this could initiate the look for your moga controller.Wait for your device to mention you’re connected, and you’re finished. you’ll now enjoy games with a controller.

Mode A & B
Switch your Moga to mode A and tap Moga is prepared . this could initiate the look for your moga controller.Wait for your device to mention you’re connected.

Once you’re connected, close up your Moga, then switch it to mode B. it’ll undergo the method of syncing your controller to mode B.


moga pivot app

Once it’s finished syncing, close up your controller.

Your Moga is now able to use

The sidebar is filled with games that are moga ready, but there are still more out there. If you discover any that employment in either mode, you’ll make a post about it, or PM me, and that i will add it. make certain to list which mode the sport is required to be in.



FAQ About Moga Pivot App

How do I find my Android OS version?

On the Android device select “Apps”Locate “Settings” within the apps menu, often seems like a gear icon.Scroll down and locate “About Phone” or “About Tablet” or “About Device” (name is different for all devices)
Look for “Android Version” or “Android OS”a. samples of OS’s are 4.0.4, 4.1.1, 3.2, 2.3.6, 2.3.4, etc.
My MOGA Controller won’t power on / The blue light isn’t blinking

Verify the facility switch is switched on. the facility switch should be pushed to the proper . you ought to see a blue flashing light next to the PowerA button and a green light on rock bottom right of the controller.
If there’s still no power, remove and reinsert the batteries to form sure they’re fully inserted and positioned correctly. Correct battery orientation are often found inside the battery compartment.
If there’s still no power, try a fresh set of AAA batteries.
If there are fresh batteries and therefore the controller is switched on, the controller may have entered standby mode. Press and hold the PowerA button for 3 seconds and release or switch the facility toggle off and back on (both methods have an equivalent effect).

NOTE: so as for MOGA to attach to the device, Bluetooth must be turned on. If not already done, please enter your device’s settings and switch on Bluetooth or activate Bluetooth when the MOGA Pivot App prompts you to try to to so.

Please confirm the MOGA Controller is powered on. If not, please ask the “My MOGA won’t power on / The blue light isn’t blinking” section of this FAQ.

Move faraway from – or temporarily power off – all other Bluetooth devices. Other Bluetooth devices could also be interfering with the device locating the MOGA.
If the device remains not showing “MOGA” or “BD&A” when pairing, you’ll got to attempt to manually locate MOGA on the device.

  • a. Exit the Pivot App and attend the device’s settings menu.
  • b. Locate and choose “Bluetooth Settings” (commonly found under “Wireless and Networks” menu).
  • c. Select “Scan for devices” (This isn’t obvious on some devices. Some devices have a menu in Bluetooth settings that appears like 3 dots. Tap on the three dots to ascertain if this feature is there.)

My MOGA doesn’t seem to be working ~OR~ i’d wish to attach a replacement MOGA Controller to a tool that was previously paired with a special MOGA Controller, how am i ready to do this?

NOTE: you’ll need to be within the MOGA Pivot App to undertake to to the present . Launch the Pivot App and attend the foremost screen. you’ll need to select “SKIP” from the initial screens then pick “Continue to Pivot” when prompted.

Once at the foremost Pivot screen, select the gear icon from the very best right corner then select “Synced MOGA Controller” from the MOGA Settings Menu. this might show the currently synced MOGA.
Select “UnSync” to start out the tactic of removing this MOGA from your device.
After the MOGA Controller has been unsynced, you’ll then see the “Sync New MOGA Controller” option. Select this feature to start out syncing a replacement MOGA along side your device.

If you’re already within the MOGA Pivot App:
Locate and choose the gear icon within the highest right corner to enter the MOGA Settings Menu
You will then be walked through all necessary steps to sync the MOGA Controller along side your device.
If you’re not within the MOGA Pivot App (on the devices menu or in another app):
Launch the Pivot app from the device.
This will start the normal syncing steps.
How do I update the MOGA Pivot App?

When your Android device is on a Wi-Fi or Carrier (data) connection you’ll automatically be prompted by Google Play that an update is out there . NOTE: This assumes that you simply simply have notifications enabled on your device a. If you’ve “auto-updates” enabled on your device the MOGA Pivot App will automatically update when a knowledge connection is detected.
If an update is out there please follow the instructions provided by Google Play to download and install.

When I plan to exit the MOGA Pivot App the app hangs.

Anytime you power off your MOGA controller, Pivot will automatically start to seem for it which can cause a hang up within the app.
The best because of end a gameplay session is to shut the game , exit MOGA Pivot App, then pack up your MOGA controller.
NOTE: If you forget to point out your MOGA controller off it’ll close up automatically after 10 minutes of non-use.

When trying to re-sync my MOGA flashes blue for an extended time.

On Android device select “Apps”.Locate “Settings” within the apps menu. This often looks like a gear icon.Locate and choose “About Phone” or “About Tablet” or “About Device” (name is different for all devices).
Look for “Model Number” or “Model”a. samples of Model Numbers are SCH-i535, etc. (can be anything with letter and number format).

Can I use off-the-shelf rechargeable AAA batteries?

Yes! However, the overall battery lifetime of rechargeable batteries are getting to be less as compared to alkaline batteries. we propose using fresh alkaline batteries to experience the entire 18 hours of game play.

What games are MOGA compatible (MOGA Enhanced Game)?

For a full list of MOGA Enhanced Games please attend and choose the “Games” tab from the menu. Games are constantly being added to this list so check back often for updates.
There, you’ll browse the entire library of MOGA Enhanced Games before making your selection in Google Play or within the developer’s storefront.

I have games that are listed as MOGA compatible but aren’t showing in Pivot. How do i buy these games to work with MOGA?


NOTE: Please ask and choose the “Games” tab to determine a listing of all MOGA Enhanced Games. If a game is identified as compatible but doesn’t appear within the MOGA Pivot App you’re doing NOT need to repurchase the app. Please ask the below information for steps on the thanks to resolve this issue.

Using the games list on please verify if the game in question appears within the list of MOGA Enhanced Games.If the game isn’t included during this list, the game isn’t currently compatible with MOGA.

If the game could also be a MOGA Enhanced Game, but doesn’t appear within the MOGA Pivot App, the game may require an update.
To update the game , please check the Google Play Store for any available updates then download and install any necessary updates.

If there aren’t any updates from the Google Play Store or the update that was installed didn’t resolve the problem , please contact the game developer. they go to possess more information on the thanks to locate, download and install the foremost recent version of the MOGA Enhanced Game.

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