Pak-India war break out

“As long as the parties know that more and more weapons are actually possessed, but in far more instances they are opposed to weapons, there is no possibility of further war.” “The word ignorant Edward Taylor talks about the United States and the Soviet Union during the possible war. “Is today’s opinion correct? Is there war in Pakistan and India? And if there is no war, what about the region and the world?

Pulwama attack, stupid and fake surgical strikes of India, Pakistani city shops with Indian Line of Control overnight, once again firing on Pak army, firing of Pak army and firing of two young boys, Indian pilot error, Indian media “Indian claims of Pakistani F-16 aircraft crashing, and denial of DGSPR, special meeting of National Command Authority, addressing Prime Minister Imran Khan’s nation, media media (from both sides). Apparently similar gestures may be affected.

But it is clear that this is only possible hope and hope that both countries will be given proof of understanding. At least after the latest GISPR press conference, it has been said that war is not possible in Pakistan. However, Indian China is probably occupied by war criminals who are attacking India.
Suppose Pak India is at war. Your tradition of quota will target Pakistan’s population before India. The two countries are also willing to use the last resort, namely the atom bombs, in case of war intensification. In both cases, Khodangistan has a total incidence of at least two dollars. It also includes atomic radiation conditions, fearful diseases and races, which can affect up to fifteen times as many people. Just as India has been in the jungle or both of them have been as high as six times higher in Pakistan.

But the thing is not just this

If there is no war between Pakistan and India, then it cannot be just a war of two countries. If we know the continental Asia overview, it gives information about the borders of the three countries, which also survives the bombings itself: India, China and Pakistan. In China, the situation is not difficult. As usual this time, the United States, along with India, is trying to weaken Pakistan with a few different tactics. Coalition countries are also receiving assistance in the Middle East. Both Iran and Afghanistan will be supporters of India and can put pressure on all sides.

One of the extraordinary importance of this offshore Pakistan is the extraordinary importance of the One Belt One Road (well known Belt and Road) Project China. It is unknown if this is the case to restrain himself… he is also involved in the war and then perhaps our case is from a war which is uncertain. It is not necessary that the activities of the whole world be abolished, but it will not be.

But there is no document that there will be no war between Pakistan and India and the situation will be something.

The level of intelligence and imagination of the Modi government is all too familiar. The Muslim prime minister of Gujarat is just as brave as he is. It is the thinking of the BJP and the Shiv Sena’s terrorist circles: to see the weak and lonely, surrounded by crowds and then beat. But if attacked somewhere, they would be responding like crap.

Chanakya’s philosophy, which is also the political doctrine of India, has taught the “runaway soldier” in the form of a strong contender, along with many other cunning and machismo.

This means that today’s action of the Pak Army is nearing landing on the battlefield of India. And as far as Pakistan is concerned, it can reach the Soldier of the Pakistan Army, all the same dialogue repeatedly: war is not a solution to a problem, IS has failed, mutual conflicts and problems are resolved.

Remember, the second nuclear explosion in India in May 1998 (India’s first nuclear accident occurred in 1974). Clouds of war raged on the region. The war on both militancy and political residence in India is on the rise and poisoning seems to be right to wipe out Pakistan. It has been reported that the Israeli Air Force boys plane, Srinagar Airport, is ready to target the flying Muzaffarabad (Azad Kashmir) any time, Islamabad will get quota dollars.

But on May 28, 1998, Pakistan responded to the nuclear war. The Indian attitude has changed since then, there is no one in the world more peaceful. The Israeli Air Force boys returned to where the aircraft came from.

The point is that India has to warn in the “field of action”, it is also the compulsion of Pakistan to vote which is going out of you in a short time.

Yes! So much so that the Modi government got a new “Muda” (defendant). Now that these candidates want to feel at ease with themselves, the hatred of Pakistan will win, and there is again BJP on ‘Secular India’. Extremely like that extremists

You are my dear readers! The request will not be too much trouble. Some days this is a Dhamma Chokri and after the elections in India, there will be a Shatta shadow. Better that the media talk about each other and it doesn’t matter to the wise, prove that otherwise, Khadim Badhan is ready to be a man who can quit unemployment and illness.

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