Pakistan Independence Day

Pakistan Independence Day  celebrated every August 14, is a national holiday commemorating the day that Pakistan achieved independence and declared itself as a sovereign nation, after the end of the British Raj, in 1947.

History and main ceremony

The Pakistan movement, led by the Muslim League, which was led by Muhammad Ali Jinnah, aimed at creating an independent Muslim state in the northwestern region of South Asia. Independence materialized with the Indian Independence Act of 1947, in which British India was divided into two new countries – the Union of India (later, the Republic of India) and the Dominion of Pakistan (later , Islamic Republic of Pakistan), which included West Pakistan (now Pakistan) and East Pakistan (now Bangladesh).

In the Muslim calendar, independence day coincides with the Night of Destiny, the vigil of the day considered sacred by Muslims. The main ceremony takes place in the capital Islamabad, where the national flag is raised in the presidential building and in the Parliament and then the anthem is played and the political leaders deliver their televised speeches. The usual festive events on this day are ceremonies where the flag is raised, parades, cultural acts, and the singing of patriotic songs. Prizes are also awarded and citizens usually raise the flag to their homes or in a prominent place of their vehicles and dresses.

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