PDFBear: 5 Fascinating Functions

PDFBear: 5 Fascinating Functions

The year 2020 has not been the best and most-friendly year of all time. There had been many ups and downs, but this year has a substantial traumatic effect on everyone’s lives. But if we focus on the right side, most of us are advised to work at home; this gives us the chance to spend more time with our families.

Working online is the new trend, and this new trend requires most of us to utilize our online files and computer programs. PDFs are the best files to utilize nowadays because of its naturally easier to share and print characteristics.

PDFBear: Adding Watermark to Your PDFs

It is easy to edit and add effects on your Word files, but not your PDFs. PDFs are naturally less elastic compared to other file formats. On the other hand, it is more secure and easier to upload and share due to its compact size. Adding your own touch or personal signature to your documents signifies ownership and possession.

Adding watermarks to your PDF can be possible by using the best and most appropriate tool. PDFBear offers a vast selection of services that you can enjoy for free. PDFBear does not consume much of your time, as it is fast and efficient. These are the steps to add watermark to PDF free:

  • Choose your file, and drag it to PDFBear.
  • Type the text or select the image you would like to watermark on your document.
  • Put the watermark on your desired position.
  • Apply and save the changes, then download your PDF with the personalized watermark.

PDF Free Converter

Good services usually come for a price, but not for PDFBear. This free converter tool is easy to use and very efficient. It quickly converts your PDFs to your desired format without compromising its quality. PDFBear’s converter tool can also convert other file formats to the portable document format, so it is not a one-sided relationship.

PDFBear’s file conversion is vast as it includes JPG, HTML, PNG, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and many more. Its process is easy: drag your file to the PDF converter tool, press convert, wait for a few moments, and you are done! The file will be ready for download and will now be more convenient to upload and share online as it is compact and more readable.

PDF Split

For example, you have too many pages in one document, and you want to remove some pages without deleting them. PDF Split of PDFBear is the simplest solution to your dilemma. This function allows you to individualize your PDF pages from the base document and save them on a different file location, ready for another use.

PDF Merge

If you are finished splitting your PDFs, there are instances wherein you need to put the back all together again in your desired positioning. PDFBear’s Merge function allows you to combine your PDFs from different file locations without compromising its quality. This user-friendly, efficient tool is versatile in all ways possible.

PDF Compress

Considering that you know how to split your PDF files, yet you still have enormous file size, and you are now having difficulty in uploading and transmitting your file. The compress function of PDFBear is your key to a more straightforward way out. PDFBear will do all the file reduction processes, and all you have to do is wait and download your reduced file.


PDFBear offers many conveniences to everyone, and this is a good chance for intermediate users to maximize their PDF documents. Its versatility saves your time since all the PDF editing you need to do is present in PDFBear.


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