President Ashraf Ghani Will Destroy ISIS Bases In Afghanistan

President Ashraf Ghani has announced the targeting of extremist ISIS targets in Afghanistan.

According to the International News Agency, Afghan President Ashraf Ghani while addressing the 100th anniversary of Afghanistan’s independence, said that his country will be cleared of ISIS bases. Those who kill innocent children and women will not be forgiven.

Afghan president said suicide bombing at wedding ceremony killed every civilian at 63, our victory in the fight against terrorism will be sacred and 100 years of independence have been celebrated since the incident, Jan I announce the suspension of all events for solidarity with the relatives of the victims.

It should be noted that the suicide attack at the wedding ceremony in Kabul killed 63 people, responsible for the Ari local Daesh leadership, while the Taliban condemned the attack, saying it was sorry to attack women and children.

Suicide attack kills 63, injures 180 at a wedding ceremony in Kabul

Afghan authorities fear a further increase in casualties and injuries,

According to Afghan media, a suicide bombing during a wedding ceremony in Kabul killed 63 people and injured more than 180, after the incident, rescue teams immediately rushed the injured to hospital where further casualties were feared. Is. According to Afghan authorities, the wedding hall was full of people at the time of the suicide bombing, according to reports about 1000 people attended the wedding.

After the blast, police and law enforcement agencies surrounded the premises and started investigations and evidence was being collected. According to Afghan authorities, the Taliban have condemned the suicide attack, while no other group has claimed responsibility for the attack.

The Foreign Office has strongly condemned terrorism in Kabul, saying that Kabul expresses its sympathies with the victims of the bombing, asking for forgiveness of the victims and speedy recovery of the injured. Denies every form of terrorism, terrorism is a common threat to the entire region and terrorism needs to be defeated altogether.

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