Questions to Ask from your social Media Agency Before Launching a Campaign

Questions to Ask from your social Media Agency Before Launching a Campaign

Social media is the most effective and fastest sharing platform. Facebook alone has over 2 billion active users, while WhatsApp caters to around 1.6 billion and Instagram to more than 1 billion. Twitter, Snapchat, and Pinterest have a combined user base of around 1 billion.

Hence, you can see social media as a rising marketing platform. It enables the small business owners easy access to target customers with cost-effective pricing. As a business owner, you need to have a sound social media team to concentrate on online promotions. Instead of hiring in-house teams, you can drive better ROIs by hiring a specialised agency.

A brand campaign can be as effective as your social media agency. However, you need to focus on a few details before launching a campaign.

Here are some questions to ask before launching a campaign:

What Is Your Target Audience?

Finding the target audience should be one of your priorities. The main intention of a brand campaign is to spread awareness about your product. However, if the campaign is not focused on the target audience, its purpose is not solved.
For example, a product for kids should be channelled to reach the kids or their parents. Youth-based products should be concentrated on the younger generation. Your media agency should work on a feasible solution for reaching the target audience.

What Will Be the Right Platform for Your Campaign?

There are various platforms on social media, and all the platforms have their specific genres. Facebook has the highest number of active users. It is highly specific and ad-oriented. It has community management groups that can communicate an idea through groups.
Instagram is more visually driven. It has an advanced ad targeting feature similar to Facebook. It has an option of product tagging products in posts, which makes it a great platform. Twitter has considerably lesser active users.
However, it is a message-rich platform, which makes it conversation-driven. The platform is weak in feature ads, but its hold on customer service is unparalleled. Pinterest is highly niche, driven by inspiration, highly visual, and topical. Your social media agency will define the best platforms, depending on your campaign’s needs and budget.

Who Are Your Biggest Competitors?

To succeed in your campaign, you must be aware of your rivals. The important things you must keep in mind are platforms that your competitors use, the frequency of their posts, how active they are, and the format of content they post. Also, how are they handling customer queries or feedback forms? Are they offering any throwaways and other goodies?

What Type of Content Will Work for Your Campaign?

Apart from choosing the target audience and desired platform, you must research the specific content for your business campaign. Depending upon the product, the branding can be by various means.
A promotional video is a good option for products and services which need a message to connect with the audience. For other items like clothes and other consumer goods, a direct link like Instagram or Facebook can drive a considerable number of prospective buyers.

What Are Your Key Business Goals?

You must define your business goals very clearly. The goals should be both short-term and long-term ones. The predefined and precise business goals render a clear objective to your business campaign.

What Are the Resources Available?

Your approach must be resource-specific. You can plan a brand campaign according to your product, target customer, budget available. All these factors contribute to providing a suitable plan for your product campaign.
Whereas a social media brand campaign is economical, some big brands spend a considerable amount to be featured prominently. The resources decide whether your branding will be aggressive or subtle.

You must observe the market closely when planning for a brand campaign. A smart move can go a long way in brand promotions. You must be aware of the strategies of your rival. Timing is everything when you wish to create a significant impact. Your brand must be alert of the trending hashtags and the viral trends. These activities can get your company a sudden boost. Sometimes, even big companies cannot capitalize on market trends as they are not well planned.

Right strategies and smart marketing will reflect directly on your business. Social media also has a very prominent ‘word of mouth’ effect. Thus, positive word of mouth can be very fruitful. On the other hand, the spoilt name of your brand on social media can be a disaster for your business. However, with smart business strategies, you can excel in your business campaign.

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