Real Madrid The most complicated moment of Zidane

Zine dine Zidane does not hit the key and doubts multiply just four days before the start of the league championship for the white team. The bad game offered by Madrid’s eleven throughout the preseason has filled the pantry of Madrid with unknowns. The blind confidence in the French has passed into a tense situation, in which the decisions taken by the coaching staff are questioned by all sectors of the white entity.

  • Within that suit of optimism in which Zidane lives there is also room for concern. See that the team, or at least the players that the project has relied on again, does not start and is far from the expectations created. Players who were key in the past such as Varane, Carvajal, Marcelo, Kroos or Isco do not find that way that led the team to the top. And the worst part is that those called to take over have lost their place and confidence. He returned affirming that things were going to change and few have changed.
    Rodrygo will start playing in Castilla, but with an eye on the first team. With Kubo there are doubts, but it will end up being transferred. Zidane believes that the two must finish being done, playing minutes. The truth is that both have signed some of the best moments of the white preseason, but it is clear that Zidane has others ahead.

From the club they believe that there is still time, that the situation can change, but for this the team must recover the spirit and, especially, the football of past times. Of course, that change does not go through a scheme with three centrals and it does give opportunities and the place that the players that deserve me the best are in each moment. The template is not made to play that way. There is a lack of resources and Hazard does not feel comfortable playing like that.

A clear demonstration that those who most want to play do not play is what is happening with Vinicius, a player who a few months ago became the great hope of Real Madrid and who now barely has opportunities to feel important. Of course, before Rome he showed that his site is ahead of some of those who point to headlines.

Zidane continues to rely on his way of understanding football, in the management of the squad. For this reason he closes the door to players like James and Bale. He does not consider them part of his project. From the noble zone of the Bernabéu they maintain that especially the Welshman is still among the best in the world and that it could be profitable, but the French wants them far, like Mariano.

On few occasions a premiere in the League, in this case against Celts, has been so important. Zidane knows that the fans expect much more from their team and the Bernabéu does not forgive

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