Runway Modeling Tips To Become A Model

Runway modeling tips #1: Eyes

Your eyes should be focused straight ahead of you. Looking off into the distance. Just find something on the back wall and focus on it.

WARNING: There will be bright lights aimed at you! Do not try and focus on a light unless you want to go blind and walk right over the ledge of the run

way because all you can see is the after image of the light bulb.

Runway modeling tips #2: Chin

Your chin should be down slightly while runway modeling. The reason for this is because every one will be sitting, looking up at you.

There will be many photographers taking pictures aimed up at you. So for your exposure aspect, you want to have good pictures taken of you so that they can be reused in magazines. You can then take these and add them to your portfolio.

Runway modeling tips #3: Shoulders

They shouldn’t move. Your shoulders need to stay still as you walk. This can take a little getting used to but will not take long.

Runway modeling tips #4: Arms

A lot of models, when learning runway modeling, tend to swing their arms way too much. Your arms should only swing as much as your body makes them.

With men and women it is a little bit different of a swing. The reason for the difference is how a man takes his steps. His step will cause his whole are to swing more while a woman’s steps will cause her arms to swing more from her elbows down.

Next time you watch a model runway modeling, watch and see how their lower arm is doing most of the swinging.

Tip for WOMEN: Concentrate on keeping your upper arm in close and somewhat tight to your body. This will ensure that only the bottom half swings.

MEN: All you need to do is just let them swing naturally. Don’t assist them at all.

Runway modeling tips #5: Hands

Now hands are surprisingly quite important while runway modeling. I had no clue that they even mattered.

Here’s why: Say you are walking down the runway with your arms at your side. Then someone for a fashion magazine take an awesome picture of you.

Now this is a good picture! Everything looks perfect, until they look at you hands! Why? Because you, like most people had you fingers curled in and up slightly.

So what’s wrong with that you ask? You have no fingers!!!! At least in the picture it will look like you have no fingers! Like they all got chopped off!

Always remember to have your hands open with your fingers nearly totally straightened. Not totally straight (you don’t want to look like a robot), but out enough to be visible.

Runway Modeling Tips #6: Legs

Legs refers to walking. Men just need to walk natural. The only difference is that you take longer strides. So instead of having 1.5 feet in between your strides increase it to 2.5 to 3 feet.

The main point is to take long strides without making it look unnatural-natural.

Women need to also take longer strides, but they need to walk with one foot in front of the other. This causes their hips to sway, which gives their arms the swing that was described in the arms section.

Runway modeling tips #7: Posture

This is fairly basic runway modeling tip. Stand straight up, with your shoulders back. No hunching! That looks insecure and disgusting.

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