Shoe Trends for Ladies

It’s no surprise that comfort is trending right now in the shoe world, but footwear isn’t just for the gym or date nights. We firmly believe that shoes can transform an outfit and boost your confidence, that’s why we made a list of top trending shoe styles for women. The coming seasons will bring a fresh array of shoe designs, and already we’ve got a sneak peek of what 2020 has to offer. Aside from the ready-to-wear trends, there are the must-have shoes, we have curated the list to include all the latest trends this year.

The pandemic has exposed the fragility and importance of life to everyone and we have already spent enough time indoors. Now it’s time to look forward to a new year filled with new, breath-taking fashion—and 2021’s shoe trends are not here to disappoint. From bright funky colors to eye-catching textures, the new year’s footwear is here to spice up your go-to outfits and help you make a grand entrance.

Kitten Heels

We’ve lived through season upon season of Kitten heels and they have been a staple in our wardrobes for quite a while now. This season’s best shoes keep things low to the ground instead of being sky-high. Take a note ladies, short and sweet kitten heels are in for this season and they’re far more comfortable than taller heels. The kitten heels will pair well with the most trending outfits and look effortlessly chic and edgy. In-short there’s no shortage of ways to wear the kitten heel trend this season. Style with everything from a printed matching set to a regular tee and jeans these small heels go with all styles and the result will always feel more elevated than your standard sneakers or boots. Whether you require a new workwear shoe that won’t leave you with arch pain halfway through the day, or you simply want to swap out your sneakers for something more practical, Kitten heels are the styles to consider.

Heel Sandals

Just like many other trends from the early 2000s, heel sandals have made a comeback. They are comfortable, functional, and ready to go with everything from easy dresses to jeans. Since the time they have been introduced heels sandals have the stereotype of being uncomfortable and inconvenient, we wanted to prove to you that this time around, they are actually pretty chic and undoubtedly cool. Apart from regular designs, we are also seeing a rise in the animal-print clog trend which is pretty eye catching.


This year’s loafer selection took a step down from last year’s. Chunky 90s inspired loafers are trending this season; they are practical with a pinch of cool. Despite the seasonless appeal of loafers, we’ll always equate them with fall and back-to-school fashion, meaning that now is the time for you to either jump on board the loafer trend or add more to your overflowing loafer collection. Loafers are the perfect shoe to take you from work to play—no matter the season and time.


From Mule sandals to the latest sporty sandals there is one for every occasion. Sandals put a sporty twist on comfy-cute looks for every day, it’s cool, minimalist, and tasteful- everything you want in a daily wear. Although Sandals are not comfortable for cool weather, they are the ultimate trendsetters in the spring season. The elevated style sandals are perfect to give your fresh look a boost. Adding the most popular women’s sandals to your wardrobe is a great way to reinvent your style this season.


 For as long as we can remember, wedges are our favorites for the fall season. But for this season expect them to take one more step ahead, you will see glamourous additions from colorful metallics to lace-up over-the-knee boots. 2020 is the perfect year to splurge on that pair of knee-high boots you’ve been eyeing, as you’re sure to get plenty of use out of them in the coming months. These trend wedges will surely be versatile whether you are using it for the office or date night!

Combat Boots

 Combat boot style is known for its edgy, grunge aesthetic and its versatility. This season’s combat boots have seriously stepped up their game by adding contrast, zebra prints, and lifted lug soles. You can easily elevate this boot trend with a few classic touches – formal pants, a basic tee, and a goes-well-with-anything trench. No matter how you wear these shoes, you will be the coolest lady everywhere you go in a set of these eye-catching boots.

It’s hard to answer the question, which is the most popular women’s shoes for the season. We believe the list will give you a glimpse of the latest trends in the market and you can always choose your favorite according to your mood and occasion.


What types of women’s shoes do you like to wear? Let us know in the comments below!

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