Top 10 Private Investigators in Florida

Top 10 Private Investigators in Florida

There are times you feel like a case you had was not handled properly. You can also suspect that something about the information you have is not right, but you do not want to be found prying on the matter. In both cases, it can be challenging to look at problems in detail to avoid breaking the law in Florida while doing so.

Luckily, some agencies have dedicated themselves to providing private investigation services. They are many, but if you are not informed, you can have a tough time picking. Some of the most efficient private investigators in Florida include:

Grey Ghost Investigations

This is a Private investigator in Fort Lauderdale. The owner was a former probation officer, meaning the agency has enough knowledge to take on different cases and what to look. It is licensed to enhance your trust in its services and has been in operation since 2008.

Before signing an agreement, you need to provide some information to help the agency kick off the investigations. The provider then becomes your eyes and actively finds out what your suspect is saying for 4 hours. Evidence is provided in videos or photos.

Although the agency does the investigation discreetly, it does not engage in cases that can lead to law-breaking such as the intrusion of privacy and where a restraining order has been issued.

F3 Intelligence

The highly reputable service provider serves corporate, law, security, and high-net-worth clienteles without discrimination. It is owned by a combat veteran and is licensed to operate in Florida. The agents are professional and perfectly understand Florida’s law to ensure they do not make mistakes while doing the investigations.

To enjoy their services, make a consultation first to know what kind of approach your case will take. Then, the consultant will give you a quote for your case and pay upfront. After you are done, F3 Intelligence allocates the relevant resources to investigate your case and update you throughout the investigation.

CSI Secure Solutions

The private intelligence agency has been in service for over 30 years and boasts of its highly envied success. It is a family-owned business specializing in providing services to corporates, consumers, attorneys, and security departments.

CSI secure solutions is a licensed agency whose agents are professionals with extensive backgrounds that help through the investigations.

Search Services of Florida

The service provider consists of only one agent who is also the owner. Due to the business’s nature, you get excellent results since she would not want to ruin her reputation. Investigations are done within the agreed time, and the communication frequency gives you confidence in the process.

Since 1995, Search Services of Florida has been offering private investigations to clients in different fields with a customized approach.

Pelleas Group

If you are looking for integrity and confidential investigation services, Pelleas group is an excellent option. It provides its services to law firms, academic institutions, financial institutions, fortune 500 companies, sports organizations, high-net-worth individuals, government, and NGOs.

The group’s services are elaborate, and each type of clientele is served depending on the nature of their case. It is a licensed investigation group with an incredible success rate.

Revival Investigations

If a private investigation company has been in operation for 17 years with amazing reviews must be doing incredible work. Revival investigations has had success in investigating cases relating to insurance fraud, child custody, surveillance, infidelity, background checks, and more.

As a reputable business, the intelligence company is licensed to work in Florida. It provides you evidence as videos or photos to help you make long-term actionable decisions.

Salazar Investigations

Having an agency providing services to different clients, and managing to look at yours individually is worth noting. Salazar Investigations provides corporate, domestic, and professional litigation investigations, and manages to handle all successfully and from different angles.

It is a licensed agency whose quotes are reasonable and have great working values.

Crossroads Investigations

Crossroads investigations is a reputable agency whose owner was a former Central Intelligence Agent. He has incorporated his expertise and experience with the help of others to provide top-notch services to the clients. Some of the agency’s services you can receive include surveillance, employment and tenant screening, asset and bank searches, due diligence, and more.

The private service provider has been licensed to operate in Florida, assuring you of conducting legal business with them. Each service is priced differently, and you can be sure of satisfactory services for the amount paid.

South Florida Private Investigators Inc.

Looking for a reliable and licensed private investigator to investigate your suspicions on your spouse? The feeling of being cheated can be draining. It needs someone with no emotional connections to observe your spouse before concluding the accusations. South Florida Private Investigators Inc. does a marvelous job in unveiling the truth.

The team of super-skilled agents follows your spouse privately and takes videos to prove cheating in case they are. However, if you are legally restrained, the agency cannot break the law by investigating such cases.

Other services provided by this agency include child support cases, assets and bank searches, attorney services, all at affordable prices.

The Millennium Group

The Millennium Group offers its private investigation services to corporates, individuals, and law firms. It helps in unveiling information that is hard to find. The group consists of agents who have extensive training and experience from the US government. Their background helps in providing efficiency in their work.

The Millennium Group is a member of several national bodies and is licensed for working in Florida. Consultation is offered free, and the charges are not as hefty.

Do you have a disturbing issue that you want to be investigated privately for your reasons? Whether at a personal or corporate level, you can contact any of these private investigators and see if you can be compatible. With these, you can have complete discretion for your case and get tangible evidence to help you clear or confirm your doubts.

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