Tragic deaths of football players in the middle of the game

1:Pedro Berruezo

The first player who died on the field was Pedro Berruezo. In 1973, the Spanish fell to the grass after suffering a cardiac arrest.

2:Bruno Boban

During a game, the Croatian player, Bruno Boban collapsed after receiving a rebound of the ball in the chest. The player died at age 25 and played for Marsonia. The distressing images of his sudden death, the 40 minutes of resuscitation and his anguished companions on the court went around the world. Bruno Boban was originally from Pozega and before joining Marsonia he played for Pozega Slavonia. His older brother, Gabriel Boban, is a player of the NK Osijek club of the Croatian first division.

3:Catalin Hildan

Catalin Hildan of Bucharest died after suffering a heart attack during a friendly match played in 2000.

4:Carepa Gaviria

On October 24, 2002, lightning struck the place where Deportivo Cali players trained. That event ended the life of Herman Carepa Gaviria.

5:Giovanny Cordoba

The electric shock also injured Giovanny Cordoba, who died three days after the unfortunate episode, at 24 years old.

6:Marc Vivien Foe

At 26, Cameroon midfielder Marc Vivien Foe died during a match of his selection against Colombia, played in the Confederations Cup in June 2003.

7: Miklos Feher

On January 25, 2004, Miklos Feher died after receiving a yellow card. As he moved to his position, he began to walk slowly, bowed and fell to the ground. He died due to pulmonary thrombolytic.

8: Antonio Puerta

Sevilla midfielder Antonio Puerta died at 22 years old on August 28, 2007, three days after collapsing during a game against Getafe.

9:Piermario Morosini

Piermario Morosini, Italian player of Livorno, died in 2012 after collapsing on the court because of a heart attack suffered in a game of the second division of Italian football, in Pescara.

10:Víctor Brannstrom

On September 5, 2012, Víctor Brannstrom died after suffering a cardiac arrest. His death came after scoring a goal in Sweden.

11:Yair Clavijo

In 2013, Peruvian footballer Yair Clavijo, who played in Sporting Cristal, died after suffering a cardiorespiratory arrest while playing a match between his team’s reserves and those of Real Garcilaso.

12:Hecter Sanabria

The Argentine player Hecter Sanabria died due to a cardiac arrest suffered in the match that his team played against General Lamadrid, in Buenos Aires (Argentina). The incident occurred on August 27, 2013.

13:Cameroon Patrick Ekeng

Cameroon Patrick Ekeng passed away this 2016 after collapsing in the football match in Romania due to heart problems.

14:Cheick Tiote

Cheick Tiote died in July 2017 after suffering a collapse during a training, according to Newcastle, a club in which the midfielder militated until last February.

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