Umpire Simon Tafel once again in Pakistan

Umpire Simon Tafel once again in Pakistan

Umpire simon Tafel once again in pakistan Can a person ever think of going back to the place where he saw death so closely? And if he wants to go, how difficult will it be for him to make that decision?

Former Australia-based umpire Simon Tafel watched the death closely during an attack by a Sri Lankan team on March 2009 near Gaddafi Stadium in Lahore.

He was a child in the attack.

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Eleven years after the incident, he was in Pakistan again last day.

It was his private visit, made possible by Dr. Kashif Ansari, a resident of the United States who is known for his passion for cancer treatment as well as his passion for cricket.

International cricket is back in Pakistan, but Simon Tuffle has to think about coming back to Pakistan.

Umpire Simon Tafel once again in Pakistan

Fun invitations, good intentions too

Simon Tuffle told BBC Urdu, “When I told my family that I wanted to go to Pakistan again, my begs were upset and they said, ‘Really?’ Is it safe? Why do you want to go? ‘

“I contacted a few friends in Karachi and Lahore whose positive feedback had greatly reduced my family’s concerns and I was able to come back to Pakistan,” says Simon Tufal.

Simon Tufal said, “In addition to attending a ceremony of Sindh Police Chief Kaleem Imam in Karachi, I spent most of my time with friends. Make new friends Blow out invitations. The chicken was enjoyed by Handi. Obviously when you eat good poultry, the weight will definitely increase. ‘

He said that I was very happy to come here that the cricket grounds of Pakistan are full of fans and it is a matter of great pleasure that cricket has been restored here which has been stopped since the 2009 incident.

Umpire Simon Tafel once again in Pakistan

He said that one of my goals was to highlight a good job. ‘I am delighted to see the treatment of Thalassemia patients under the Umair Sana Foundation. I, too, tried to send a message to others by donating blood so that they could share in this noble cause. ‘

It should be remembered that the Foundation is named after Dr. Kashif Ansari’s children Umair and Sana who died of thalassemia.


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