Why eat chocolate every day is good

Why eat chocolate every day is good

Why eat chocolate every day is good,Chocolate is a delicious food that, like everyone else, should be consumed with limits.

But the debate is installed when it is associated with the balance. It is common to believe that eating chocolate is falling into the inevitable and unforgivable sin that destroys all diets. However, it can bring multiple health benefits.

In recent years, its consumption has been increasing due to the wide variety of chocolates that the market presents, attracting the eyes of those consumed daily.

What is the ideal chocolate?

“Dark chocolate, bitter, is the best quality. Daily consumption in small quantities (individual unit) can bring some benefits such as improving mood, causing pleasure, improving vision and love, reducing risk of heart attack, satiety, keep the brain active, improve skin and interpersonal relationships. There are even some theories that say babies born to mothers who consume cocoa during pregnancy are smarter and happier throughout their lives. ” explained Dr. Teresa Coccaro, nutritionist at the Institute of Neurosciences Buenos Aires (INEBA).

The specialist clarified that of all these benefits, “the best thing is that if you make a balanced diet accompanied by physical activity it can be consumed daily, as long as the recommended portion of between 7 and 20 grams of dark chocolate is not exceeded (and not white, because it has cocoa butter) per day. ” This is equivalent to a bar of bitter chocolate, a small chocolate bar or a little mint.

“We can conclude that there are options to give yourself a sweet taste without feeling guilty,” said Coccaro.

Benefits of bitter chocolate

The consumption of dark, bitter and cocoa chocolate is a great ally for the human body since it brings great benefits. According to studies from the University of California, United States, eating a small portion of dark chocolate helps you lose weight. After several weeks of testing with 1000 adults – women and men – they discovered that it has metabolic effects that lead to reduced deposited body fat.

In addition, they revealed that those who ate dark chocolate on weekdays were thinner and accumulated less fat than those who did not eat it. The study explains that “this happens because the calories in chocolate take longer to be digested and activate the metabolism.

Dark chocolate is known to have less sugar and less fat. In addition, it has antioxidant properties, as it contains a higher concentration of cocoa. It includes minerals such as potassium, iron, copper and magnesium. Copper and magnesium are relevant, as they prevent type 2 diabetes and decrease heart disease.

According to Cuban physiologist Marco Borges – creator of the food program “The 22-day revolution” – “dark chocolate is an excellent source for the heart and arteries. It can not only change blood pressure, but also helps reduce risk of clots and can prevent hardening of the arteries as we age. ”

Dark chocolate increases blood flow in key areas of the body, especially in the brain, ensuring optimal body function. It also has some compounds that help release endorphins to be calm, relaxed and happy.

The University of Cologne, in Germany, conducted a study where participants had to consume 100 grams of chocolates a day for a certain time. After complying with the indicated guidelines, they demonstrated that dark chocolate controls blood pressure and improves circulation. Dark chocolate being made of fatty acids improves mood, generating happiness and stimulating neuronal activity in brain regions such as pleasure and reward.

The prestigious Harvard University in the United States also investigated the effects of dark chocolate, discovering that those men who ate a dose of between 7 and 20 grams of dark chocolate a day could live longer. The researchers found that study participants who consumed dark chocolate lived a year longer than those who did not.

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