Choose marble stone flooring for home

Why Should You Choose Marble Stone Flooring For Your Home?

A house is more than just a place of shelter and a repository of your possessions. It is a living space where you create memories with your beloved family members and friends. It is where you want to be welcomed into after a hard day’s worth of work and find peace, calm, and relaxation.

Many things go into turning a house into such an abode, with the important one being the flooring. Natural stone flooring serves as the ideal stepping stone (pun intended) towards the transformation. One of those stones, marble, is a gift of nature meant to beautify your house’s flooring.

There are many reasons to go with marble as a natural stone flooring material, some of which are mentioned below:

Durability and Hardness

Marble refers to a metamorphic rock type that forms from the pressurisation and heating up of limestone over aeons. This makes the material very hard and rigid, so much so that it can be used as a structural material and not just as a decorative one. It is also used in a crushed form as an aggregate during the construction of highways, building foundations, railroad beds, and more.

This hardness means your house’s floor will be long-lasting, probably a lifetime with some care and maintenance. It will be able to resist all the types of abuses that happen to floors as a part of daily life. This includes heavy objects being dragged on it, often without cushioning, dropping hard and sometimes sharp objects from a height, and more.

Variety of Styles and Colors

Marble is one of the most stylish flooring materials available. When polished well, it gives off a shine that is unparalleled, reflecting the lights in the room and giving it an airy feel. It is the type of luster that defines luxury and opulence. It will enhance the look and value of the house, even if it is not the high-end type.

Adding to that is the choice of color’s available. It is a common misconception that marble is synonymous with the color white, but marble is available in grey, bluish, pink, yellow, green, or black. These colours result from impurities in the limestone like iron oxides, bituminous impurities, and clay minerals. You can choose the colour to match your preferences and enhance the decor.

Cuts and Patterns

Patterns get formed in the stone during its formation process due to uneven heat and pressure and improper deposition of impurities. These can add to the style of the stone in their own right. These patterns can become a part of the overall design of the room and add a bit of uniqueness. This becomes more pronounced if the stone is also used on walls, especially outside.

This is possible due to marble’s ability to be cut into any dimension required. It’s hard but not brittle so that any shape can be formed like a square, rectangle, rhombus, etc. Those patterns can be matched from one cut-piece to another perfectly with the right kind of cuts, adding to design flexibility. Some other stones can be embedded in it as well for a special touch.

Easy Installation and Maintenance

Marble is easy to quarry and can be imported from anywhere; it is found in the world. This gives access to a variety of quality and types easily. Its hardness makes its transport easy too. Combined with the ability to cut into any required dimension, it makes for a very easy installation.

It only requires a smooth, waterproof base to be set upon, which is usually done with cement. In reflooring, the old floor will have to be removed due to the marble’s thickness. The positions need to be marked out, the stones laid down, with a bonding agent at the bottom and side, allowed to set, and it’s done. It doesn’t take more than a few days, considering the polishing as well.

It’s easy to maintain, as well. A simple sweeping away of dust and wiping of the floor will remove all stains. The stone does get dull over time, so polishing it once every few years will keep it as good as new.


Despite its opulent nature, marble is a relatively inexpensive material to use. This does depend on the grade of the stone and the work being done on it, however. The extended durability and strong ability to resist breakage make it an overall economic proposition over its lifetime.


Making a natural choice is the better thing to do sometimes; natural stone flooring with marble betters your home in more ways than thought possible.

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