Why women’s hips grow

85% of women have this problem with their weight as well as the size of their buttocks or backsides. In today’s society this thing is called attractive and attractive but they are not It is not known that this is a specific cause of the disease in women, which for the first few years does not cause any harm, but as it gets older and starts to fade, it gradually starts to see its color. There is pain in their legs and knees all the time. Their muscles become weak. Most women are unable to walk due to muscle weakness. When traveling, their legs are restored to pain. They also find it difficult to function. Some women come on four legs, which means they have to walk or lie down. And due to excessive coagulation or excessive use of fried things in ghee and oil, the back side increases the hip, causing these muscles to become weak and muscles weaken. And the size also starts to increase. Girls have a habit of sitting on the TV for a long time or sleeping. They do not size up, they gain weight and the hips rise. To avoid this problem, women should exercise lightweight daily and spend more time at work. Do not use oils and fried products for muscle strengthening. Use things

  • The celery leaves 100 grams
  • 100 grams of Pixel
  • Cloning 100 grams
  • Black particle 100 grams
  • Soften all of these ingredients in the morning with a teaspoon of fresh tea with fresh water.

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