What Are The Typical Responsibilities of an Ethical Hacker?

What Are The Typical Responsibilities of an Ethical Hacker?

Many decide to become ethical hackers after getting a rush of blood after seeing movies about hackers. This inspired decision-making tendency is not uncommon. Many people make big career choices naively.

If you’re considering a career as an ethical hacker, forget everything you saw in the movies. The actual job of an ethical hacker is much more procedural and analytical than most films let on. You should make a conscious effort to know what the job of an ethical hacker entails.

What Are The Typical Responsibilities of an Ethical Hacker.

A typical ethical hacker working at a company to ensure the security of their cyber systems is expected to carry out a number of responsibilities. Not only is an ethical hacker expected to keep systems safe, but there is also the pressure of reacting to new techniques and tools black hat hackers may use.

The full breadth of a typical ethical hacking job portfolio is immense. Anyone thinking of entering the field should consider knowing the extent of these responsibilities before joining.

In this article, we discuss some key responsibilities of an ethical hacker.

Identifying Vulnerabilities Hackers Might Attack

The most basic job of an ethical hacker is to figure out the weak points of a digital system a black-hat hacker might attack. This is usually done by using techniques used by the black-hat such as penetration testing, cross-scripting, social engineering, and so on.

Identifying Information a Hacker Could Steal

Most companies look at cybersecurity as a firewall that comes into handy when something bad happens. Furthermore, most companies are more eager to know the exact damage they could face if breached in a cyber-attack. This is again an area that ethical hackers are expected to cover. Based on the vulnerabilities of a system and the kind of techniques used by black hats, ethical hackers must be able to come up with worst-case scenarios that non-technical execs can understand.

Explain What Hacker Might Do With Information

Simply telling people what a hacker may steal is not always enough. An ethical hacker must be able to forecast what the hacker might do with the information. This is one part of the job ethical hackers can only learn after spending a few years in the industry. Predicting how black hats might use certain information has to be based on a study of what black hats usually do with the information they steal.

Provide Solutions

Identifying vulnerabilities and recognizing threats has to be followed by providing viable solutions. The threats that a black hat hacker may be pose have to be neutralized by making a cyber system immune to tactics generally used by black hats. The solutions to vulnerabilities have to come from an ethical hacker as well.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, this article covers the various job responsibilities of a typical ethical hacker. With a more senior role in cybersecurity, the scope of the responsibilities is bound to increase.

Ethical hacking is amongst the fastest-growing fields in India. If you wish to learn more about cyber security, consider joining ethical hacking course in delhi tailored to help beginners just entering the field.

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