xshare file transfer apk Free download

XShare is a free file transfer tool developed by Infinix Mobile, Inc. which is very fast and easy to use. With XShare – Fast File Transfer, you can share files very quickly on your phone or tablet.

xshare – the fastest transmission speed in the world, the QR code for the most convenient file transfer tool, can be traffic-free, without network environment with friends to quickly share all files on the phone.

To transfer files between devices, you no longer need an Internet connection. You will be able to deal with an application like XShare which allows us to do it even faster than with a Bluetooth connection. The only thing is that the sender and the recipient must be close.

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Transfer files without an Internet connection

The application works by generating a QR code or password to share the files. Obviously, not only the sender must have installed XShare, but also the person who is waiting to receive the file. In addition to this small inconvenience, we can transfer any file to our device, applications, documents, photos, videos … These are the main features and functions offered:

  1. Share files wherever and whenever you want, without connectivity restrictions.
  2. Higher transfer speed than a Bluetooth connection.
  3. Quickly share files by generating a QR code or password.
  4. Compatible with all types of files, including installed applications.

Requirements and additional information:

  • The sender and recipient must have installed the application.
    Minimum operating system requirements: Android 4.2.

Xshare features:

► No network restrictions: share files when and where you want
► Fasting: 200 times faster than Bluetooth
► Quick QR code matching – The most convenient QR code matching program, swipe gently, complete pair sharing
► Quick installation: activate quick installation to ignore frequent confirmations

What’s New

  • Transfer files between them and share them more easily.
  • Share all kinds of files on the internal memory.
  • Supports built-in video player. Watching videos becomes easier

Fastest Sharing app

The Xshare developer claimed that it was the fastest file sharing application in the world. Other sharing apps use the mobile hotspot sharing feature, Shareit users know this.

Unlike Shareit, XShare uses QR code technology for the transfer. Just scan the code and find out the fastest file transfer process. You do not need WiFi or mobile data to operate.

You can use it anywhere and anytime at no cost. There is no limitation on file size, whether your file size is a few MB or several GB. It is 200 times faster than Bluetooth and other smartphones that share functions in the Android operating system.

No Log-in or Sign-up

No need to log in or register to use XShare. Activate the quick installation and ignore the various confirmation formalities. It is a very easy to use and easy to use application.

Even the person who uses this app for the first time will easily understand it. Simply scan the code to the target device. Keep sending and receiving devices close to each other for better speed.

This app is secure, no other third party apps are required. You may need to see certain announcements, but they will not interrupt your transfer process.

How to download and install Xshare

  1. Just open our website and go down
  2. you you can find a download link
  3. click here and download now
  4. after download you can install in your phone
  5. after that open it and enjoy

[Download url: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.infinix.xshare&hl=en]

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